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School Involvement: Classroom Activities

These environmental conscience-raising classroom activities are intended to teach behavioral change and stewardship through thought-provoking, creative entertainment:
  • Youth Poster Contest ­KAB sponsors a poster contest during the Great American Cleanup™ in Arkansas to teach children valuable lessons about litter, recycling and beautification.
  • Butterfly Gardens Through the experience of preparing a campus to attract and nurture these delightful creatures, students learn about the critical relationship between life and the environment. More than just an ornamental addition to the school campus, a butterfly garden is an educational exercise that develops pride and stewardship values that influence behavior, including grades, in other areas of students’ lives.
  • Waste in Place / School Recycling Guide / Graffiti Hurts ­These programs and materials have been developed by Keep America Beautiful to instruct and guide student environmental awareness. These comprehensive programs offer proven, practical methods to change behaviors and effect environmental improvements while providing solutions to problems through education and involvement activities.
  •  Clean Getaway / Trashy Style Show ­­These two original productions involve both students and adults in the serious issues of litter and recycling with a lighthearted, entertaining approach. Clean Getaway, a short musical stage production, examines easily adopted alternatives to the common, wasteful habits of ordinary people. The Trashy Style Show is a staged runway show that entices viewers into thinking they will witness a bona fide preview of fresh, exciting new clothing fashions. Billed as “an enlightening look at what The Natural State will be wearing,” the Trashy Style Show instead conveys the dramatic message that Arkansas is carelessly “coated” in litter. Both productions are intended to counteract unthinking and uncaring attitudes about litter.